Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Release- Kristy Denice Bock -The Light

I have been a fan of Kristy Denice Bock's since way back in my reviewer days when one of her Divine books crossed my desk.  Her ability to mix snark, mythos, romance and characters that leap off the page enchanted me. So when I heard she had a new with angels and demons, I had to read it.

Now you can, too, since the first book of this engaging new series, The Light, is available NOW!!


When Madison goes to sleep at night, she transcends into the body of another woman. Each night she wakes as a victim of a violent, senseless crime. With each waking day she bears their pain, experiences their death, and is helpless to stop it from happening. With only her aging butler at her side, Madison tries to survive each day without falling into madness.
Brian Brinkley chose to save the life of his young ward marked for death. Thrust from the heavens because he dared disobey God, he tries to find some type of life quiet life among the humans. One chance meeting with Madison and his tranquility is shattered.  When she becomes the target of a sadistic man, he vows to do everything in his power to protect her.

Grab your copy today!!

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About the Author:

       I’ve learned that Life isn’t what you make of it. It’s what you can roll with, survive, rob Peter to pay Paul for, and still manage to find joy in the little things like high heels that don’t pinch, or there actually being toilet paper in the bathroom. If I can have a good hair day now and again, well color me happy. I took up writing at an early age. As the mom of 4, it just made sense to escape.  To most people this was a career choice, but really I’m an eternal daydreamer who happens to enjoy being the center of my own literary universe.


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