Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cover Art Reveal- Catching Death!

Catching Death is a paranormal BDSM erotic romance coming the 29th from Evernight Publishing.  I'm super excited to share this story of reapers and bounty hunters and I am thrilled to share this cover!

She died to save her sister…

And now she is trapped in a hell on earth.  Collecting the souls of the recently deceased, Bianca Carter's job has no benefits, no vacation time, and no pay.  Her only comfort is that her sister lived on…until Death sends her to collect her sister’s soul.

Bounty hunter for all things paranormal…

Drake Green’s newest job?  Catching one of Death’s reapers for refusing to do her job. She needs to be punished.  Once he meets her, he finds he can think of more delicious ways to accomplish this than Death has planned.

           The hunt is on…

NSFW/18+ excerpt:

“Found you.”

Spinning, she tried a sweep kick to knock him off his feet but her attacker was faster.
They sent him.
Before she could try anything else, her face was pressed to a wall, his body pinning her like a butterfly on a needle.
“Why do you keep running?”
Breathing out, she closed her eyes and concentrated on creating stillness inside herself. She needed to think and the feel of his body against hers made it hard.
He is so hard.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Ignore the musky scent of him.
His teeth closed over her earlobe and her eyes opened as she gasped. Liquid desire pooled between her legs. No one controlled her passion like him. He seemed to possess the singular ability to make her body go molten with a touch.
“I’m not running. I’m working. Let me go.” Calm. Cool. Collected.
Her voice reflected none of the conflict going on in her mind.

Happy Writing!

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