Sunday, December 2, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday--The Tourist Trap

Here's a sneak peek of one of my coming soon books, The Tourist Trap.  A romantic comedy coming soon, this one is more a comedy scene than a sexy one.


She chose money over love.

Moving to New York years ago, Phoebe Winters knew the only way to make it to the top was to buckle down and work harder than she ever had before.  Ten years later and she is a bestselling romance author who steams up the glasses of women—and some men—worldwide.  But for what? The man she loved asked that she tour all of the must-see sights the city had to offer and she refused, choosing to work instead.  He’s gone, lost in the past.  A letter to the 1Night Stand service asking for a romance hero in real life begs the question…can a real man be as good as the ones she writes?

He is drowning in family.

Nathanial Parnell is a good Italian boy.  He loves his family and would do anything for them but he is ready to start a family of his own.  Finding the right woman?  Since none meet the high standards he wants, he contacts Madame Eve for a set-up.  When his mother demands a trip to New York City to see the sights, he agrees to show her the time of her life.  But one city slick woman seems determined to ruin their day out, making him risk running late to meet the woman of his dreams…even if fighting Phoebe makes him feel more alive than he has in years.

What could be more romantic?

From SoHo to the Statue of Liberty, Phoebe and Nathanial both seek their planned day and neither find it. Phoebe is on a trip to recapture the past, Nathanial on a journey to please others.  Will Phoebe pass up another chance at love?  Or will they both fall into a Tourist Trap?

The Six
“I know, Mom.  But look, she’s okay.”  The man towering over her looked like a cover model from one of her books.  Golden hair hung in a shining cap around a face as wholesome as apple pie.

“I’m not okay,” she advised him.  “You hit me with a car.”

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