Sunday, August 19, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday-The Were, The Witch and the Baby

So, this is not a sexy sneak peek.  Just a heads up.  This is a scary kinda one.  This is that moment in Raiders of the Lost Arc when Willy gets covered in bugs kind of creepy.  You were totally warned.

Without further ado, my six!

Like a wave of black, more and more ants swarmed up her legs, her arms, biting even as she fought to brush them off.
Standing, she tried harder to remove them but for every ant she succeeded in disrupting, ten more took their place.
A scream squeaked past her throat, cut off as the ants made it to her face.
Sweating, not in passion now but in terror, she tried to calm her breathing.  Still frantically trying to dislodge the angry insects, she hop stepped and kept brushing at them.
Until she stumbled over the edge of the roof.

I almost feel bad that I did that to a character.
Almost.  Wanna know how Lyric got into this mess?  You'll have to wait till The Were, The Witch and The Baby releases ;)
Happy writing!!