Friday, August 17, 2012

Where I've been hiding...a new release and blog hopping!!

So, without going too deeply into it, I've not been blogging.  My father had a stroke and otherwise life started hurling lemons at me like we were playing dodgeball.

Life was winning for a minute but now I'm back and I'm bringing you a new release.

That's right, my long awaited 1Night Stand released today!!

Looking for Love...
 When she got voted off "Find Your Hubby," a reality tv gameshow, Mellie gave up on finding love.
 In all the wrong places...
Everyone knows that you are more likely to get hit by lightning than find a husband once you’re 40. Using the last of her winnings in a spur of the moment fling, she pays for a matchmaking service that offers you the perfect person-For One Night Only.
Can you buy passion?
When the 'perfect person' they find her is a woman, she first questions their selection service...Then her own desires.

Grab your copy today:

To celebrate this new release, I'll be blog hopping to some awesome author's blogs.  First off, you can find me Sunday over at Wendi Zwaduk's blog talking sex and overdone dramatics.  Then Monday you'll find me popping in on Heather Long's blog.  On the 23rd, (next Thursday) I will be visiting the 1Night Stand blog to talk reality TV and the 1Night Stand.

More to come but that is where we are firing it all off.  I would love if you could pop over to the blogs and leave a comment.  If you read Taking Control, drop me an email and let me know what you think.  Nothing is better than talking books.

Well, chocolate and sex...but we'll save that for the blog tour.

Happy Writing!!

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  1. I have fell in love with many of your books already and I am looking forward to reading 'taking control' it sounds steamy.