Monday, September 26, 2011

On Scientific Discoveries and Edits

As some of you may know, my eldest and youngest are going to an online charter school. This means I get a front row seat to their educational escapades. Although this may not sound like the most amusing of ventures, I find them a daily dose of fresh and fun comments. For instance, today Princess was again working on her scientific discoveries time line.

Princess: I can't believe that discovering Uranus is a scientific discovery.
Me: Why not? I mean, it was important.
Princess: You don't get it, Mom. I just wrote : Discovered Uranus.
Me: Uh huh.
Princess: Your anus?! Your anus?! Someone discovered Your Anus.
Me: Just finish the timeline.

My son is working on a narrative essay about state parks and what kind of things they can teach us. He is focusing on our camping trips to Mosquito Lakes and things like owl poop.
Ash: I am revising my narrative essay. Is that like your edits?
Me: Kind of, yeah.
Ash: Except you get to cheat. They TELL you what you did wrong. Is there such a thing as an elementary school editor? And how do I find one? Maybe google?
Me: Your editor is you. You have to find what you did wrong.
Ash: Well, you writers are kind of cheaters, then, aren't you?
Me: *scowl*
Kids. Meh.


  1. ROFL I absolutely love reading the conversations you have with your kids. They are so smart and funny. I know they take after you, but still... They are positively genius in their thought processes. Congrats on raising kids who are all the things kids should be...cute, funny, smart and...well, kids...

  2. Thanks!! I rather like them... so long as they stay away from my chocolate. LOL!!