Friday, April 1, 2011

Make me smile...

Whenever I am down or out of sorts, I can count on my kiddos to lift me up. This week, Ash had two funny moments. First we were at home and the kids were doing the nightly shower runs. Ash came bouncing out of the bathroom, smelling sweet and looking snuggle-able in his fuzzy butt pjs... and he climbs in my lap.

With an armful of sweet smelling little boy, I was surprised when he demanded, "Smell my armpit."

"What? No. Why?"
He rolled his big blues and demanded, "Smell them, Mom. Just do it."

Since I couldn't think of anything that could be wrong with his prepubescent pits after a shower, I sniffed carefully, still wary of a prank of some kind. They smelled pretty good so I raised my eyebrows at him and asked, "Did you use your brothers deodorant? They smell pretty good."

Grinning enormously, he shook his tawny head. "I conditioned them with conditioner."

Not giving up his title for making mama smile, I was picking him up from the sitter the next day when he grumpily said goodbye to his sister and added a "Princess Pookiebutt" at the end, ensuring his sisters explosion of anger. As he and I trotted down the steps toward the car, he had his head hanging low as I lectured him about proper ways to avoid getting whomped by the older kids. At the end of my lecture, I queried, "Why are you such a crab today, anyway?"

Looking at me seriously, he rolled his eyes. "Mom, I went through the manly changes."

Kids say the most amusing things. Have your kids said anything lately that sent you into belly laughs?


  1. Nothing in particular... but he finished all his sentences with "all the times."

    I know how to eat with a fork all the times. I can get dressed by myself all the times. Etc.

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