Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pale Demon

When Rachel Morgan heads west to go before the council of goodie goodie witches, bridesmaid dress firmly in tow, she thinks that arriving on the west coast is going to be the exciting part of her adventure. But when you toss an elf, a witch, a pixie and a ghost in the car and pick up the person who is following you... things are bound to get a little more interesting.

I have loved Trent, bad guy or not, since the first books of this bestselling and awesome series. I was thrilled to find that he played a major role in the newest of Harrison's The Hollows series.

And Trent lived up to expectation, sparking arguments while looking dashing as we travel with this mixed up cast of paranormal favorites. I can compare the Rachel Morgan books to cooking. If you like the ingredients, it only tastes better when you mix them up, let them simmer and then blow off the steam so you can gobble up the tasty treat. Harrison has deftly built this world, building book upon book and as we get this far in, readers who have followed this plotline will find this book a treat that was well worth the wait.

My only complaint? I didn't want it to end and am now itching to get my grubby paws on Book 10!

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