Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The magic of friendship is that it can erase things... make them better... with something as simple as a laugh.

It isn't the big things that knock me down. It is the small things. Disaster of Epic Proportion? Pssht. I puff up my chest and don my superhero cape and plug away until the crisis has been averted. But if you stack up enough small things, things that make me leave the spandex safely in the closet, I will eventually crack. But it is almost always a small crack... a tiny faltering of the smile or a crack in my voice like that first sparkle in your windshield before the break spirals into little fragments of safety glass to lie like lethal confetti in your lap...

There have been a lot of little things lately. None of them were terribly spectacular or even unusual for life. My dad has been sick. My car broke. My son then got sick. My car broke more. Money has been tight. My car broke more. Checks were late to come in... My car broke more.

All of it heaped up and was finished today with the cherry on the shit cake... An argument with a loved one.

And I cracked. Just a little. Only around the edges. I was left with that tight headachy feeling like suppressed tears and I covered it up with the sad cloak that I tugged around me like a mantle. Burrowed into my cave, it was a distinct possibility that I would huddle here until summer officially hit... which since I live in Ohio will probably be in late September.

But one friend, an online one, made me smile. Then my best buddy called and made me smile some more. And before I knew it, kablow!! I wasn't holding back a well of tears so deep that it could wash away the koolaid splattered on my kitchen floor. I was laughing. I was smiling.

Neither did anything huge. They didn't wave a magic wand over my life, rendering it perfect and new. They didn't fix the problems that were slowly bogging me down...

What they did was know me well enough to let me ramble in their ears. Let me talk myself in a circle until I realized I was fine. The world was fine. It would all get better...

That is the magic of friendship. Being there. Saying I care. Even I wubs you!

I love my friends and count myself as one lucky gal to have such amazing kick ass women to look up to and call friend.

Now... off to take over the world!!!
Or write. Whichever comes first...

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  1. I wish I had a magic wand. I promise I would use it only for good. Well...maybe a little mischief.

    Until then, remember this:
    "It's not about how we survived the storm, it's about how well we danced in the lightening and rain."

    Love you!