Monday, May 10, 2010

Potato, Potaaato.

If you call a banana an avocado it does not make the banana green. There are times in which we put labels on things because it makes us feel warmer and fuzzier to have names for all of the things that surround us. That is a rock. Over there, that big thing... tree. It just makes us feel better about things all around to have comfortable labels on things.

If you put a label on a person it does not change either who they are or how you feel about them.

I have a potato and I am calling it a potaaahto and hoping that if I say it enough times it will turn into the other. But my banana is still an avocado.

This probably does not make sense to anyone but me. But if you see a better avocado, call me. Because I am tired of calling this damn banana that.

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