Monday, May 17, 2010

Chocolate Chip Muffins

I woke up and made chocolate chip muffins for my kiddos today. It is their all time favorite Mommy breakfast. Since last night I made them taco lasagna and pudding pie, they are feeling rather loved. I am not known for my cooking. I am rather well known for my hatred of the kitchen and its return hatred of me.

Little secret about the well loved muffins... Betty Crocker does most of the work. I add water and butter a pan. But since it comes from the oven, the kids are impressed.

I called my mom in since the kids have not seen her in eons and she woke them to surprise them. They probably had the best pre-school morning that they have had in forever.

I did it for them and I did it for me because today I am supposed to go to school and have a meeting with the counselor, principal and teachers regarding whether or not to skip Jus a grade.

My daughter is thirteen and in fifth grade. This same school district is why she is in this position. On one hand, it would be lovely to skip as it would put her one step closer to the all important goal line (diploma) and I cannot make a 20 year old woman/child go to school no matter how hard I try. I realize this. And it puts her with kids just a little age-wise, closer to her.

But on the downside, she just brought home an interim report with three failing grades. How can I condone skipping a grade for a kid who is failing 5th? Will this not create a black hole in her education that will never be corrected? What is the right decision?

Is this an area in life where there is no "right" decision, just a gray area where you have to pick the lesser evil?

It bugs me that the meeting is in a few hours, and I, the parent who is supposed to have all the answers when it comes to my kids... who is supposed to go in there and advocate her in some way, does not have a clue what would be the BEST decision for her.

And if I make the wrong choice, I don't pay for it, my baby does.

I did not eat any chocolate chip muffins. I don't deserve chocolate today. I am chugging coffee and praying for guidance. I hope that when the time comes, the words come and that it becomes clear to me the path we need to take for her sake...

Unfortunately, there may not be a RIGHT path, either...

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