Thursday, December 31, 2009

The best New Year's Kisses

Usually, I get one of those kisses. The ones where you get bent backwards at the waist and a mouth closes over yours and your eyes close and you sigh just a little. Usually that is how I bring in the new year. Usually this happens in a less than sober state as by midnight or shortly thereafter I have had at least a few drinks. Usually. I am very superstitious, so I try to arrange it so that it works out this way.

This year, well, I played it a bit differently.

This year me and the kiddos went to Michelle's and I ate sushi. I did have a drink as the ball dropped. I did get three very lovely kisses. But I had to bend at the waist to collect them. The people I was collecting them are short. I hung out with the kiddos this year for new years. We watched the ball drop and played Poker. I won. All I got for winning was rights to put the game away. Seemed a bit unfair, that, but the other players are all mean old cheater butts anywhoo.

It was a good new year. I had my superstitions in play still. Kids there. Money in pockets. And I wrote (this) but the kiss... yeah, did not go for that. I am going for a man free year.

The chances of that... lol. Well. I have tried many methods to simplify life. No kiss on New Years seems almost too simplistic an answer to simplify all stresses in my life... the chance of that being the key...

Well, a girl has got to try.


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