Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Wordy New Year

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a wordy new year.

That is my new writery greeting for the holidays. Because to run out of words would be the ultimate disaster for me. I always have something to say. It is not always something good or something productive, but it is something. I have three or four WIP at any given moment. I write thousands of words. I talk on the phone all day. Words failing me... utter catastrophe.

So from here on out I have given up on Peace for my new years wish. Peace is not part of my life, apparently. Wealth is too easily spent. Health has been something that is fleeting and fickle. Words... those I have thrived on for years. Those are my heartsblood.

May your words slide off your silver tongue with grace and ease.

May your children actually hear a few of them.

May this snowstorm blow away from my drive to work.

That is my new years request list. Short, for once. But that is what I ask for.

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