Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Magic!! Mayhem!!! New stories AVAILABLE NOW!!!!!!

Okay, I've been dying to talk about this, but I've got another new book available TODAY in Robyn Peterman's Magic and Mayhem Kindle World!! Seriously this series is so funny and I'm so insanely thrilled to be writing for it, but this time? We found a way to make it even more fun.

My writing besties, Heather Long and Saranna DeWylde, have been plotting with me for yearrrrrrrrs to do twisted fairy tales. We have a fondness for villains, you see, and it is just something we wanted to do. So when it came time for this episode in Assjacket, we thought... why not combine the things we love to make one BIG EPIC ADVENTURE.

And thus ONCE UPON A TIME IN ASSJACKET was born! I tackled my favorite fairy tale-Beauty and the Beast! Once I had this grand plan, I got to talking to my adopted kiddo, and Jordan Brown made me this gorgeous cover. Isn't it fabulous?

Okay, I'm going to be over here, bouncing in my seat like a kid because I'm so excited to introduce you all to Iola and her beast!

Witchy and the Beast
by Virginia Nelson

He was a douchewaffle long before a spell made him a monster, but she might be just the witch to break his curse.

Iola Pennybreaker had an awful relationship with her father, and that was before she found herself spelled to the middle of nowhere West Virginia. Apparently, her father was captured by a Beast… and can only be freed if she’ll take his place.

Which sounded kinda like a fairytale, except she isn’t a huge fan of her father and less of a fan of being a prisoner, even if the prison in question is a mega-sweet castle. But there is something about the Beast, so she and her familiar decide to help the guy out.

Makeover, anyone? She tries berries, spells, and a trip to her favorite hair magician, but Iola can’t seem to fix the biggest problem—Beast’s self-confidence. When they team up to save a trio of baby raccoons, she begins to notice something…

Maybe she is just the witch to tame this particular Beast.

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How it all began....

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