Saturday, October 11, 2014

Maybe I work too much...

Yesterday, I took a good chunk of the day off. I wasn't working--not on school or kid's school or editing or writing or graphics work for most of the day.

I went to the yard sales happening because of the Covered Bridge Festival. I had lunch in a bar with Ma and Shell. I got home, delivered all of my various junking finds to their new owners...and then answered the phone and a call to help with a float.

I decorated a float with friends. I laughed and was ridiculous and silly and giggly.

When I came home, I fully intended to work. Brought the computer downstairs and everything, but instead I kicked back on my couch and watched Two Weeks Notice and 27 Dresses.

One of the 'adopted' boys came over after the football game and saw me there and said, "This is weird."

I asked what and he said, "You're never laying on the couch and just watching TV."

Which is oddly true. I mean, sure, some days I manage to catch Jeopardy! I do USUALLY remember to take time off work on Sunday nights for Once Upon a Time and The Walking Dead (although if I have enough work, I dvr them and try to see them later...)

But mostly? Yeah, I spend very little time NOT working and that the kids have noticed this?

I've set this goal before and totally failed it, but my new goal for fall is to take one day off a week to not work.

Yeah, okay, so I handled about an hour of school things yesterday and I did answer some emails, but mostly off work is better than looking weird when I veg on my own couch, so I'll shoot for that.

Workaholics of the world, unite!
Or plan to and work through the meeting. You know, whichever.

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