Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dancing in the rain

A dear friend recently pointed out to me that my life used to read like the pages of misadventure some of my less lucky characters face. Chaos, panic, one disaster following the other and constantly in a state of almost damsel like distress.

She was being kind, as I've faced some interesting storms over the course of my life (doesn't everyone, really?) however I gave it a bit of thought on my drive back and forth to school and realized it isn't that my life has become less stormy.

In the past week alone, my son was in a car accident with my mother (they got rearended), I got venom testing done (which sounds so much prettier than they shot me full of stuff I'm allergic to and blew me up like a pufferfish), I dealt with various midterms and midterm projects for college, my battery died on the car one day, my dad fell and a whole cluster of other lesser catastrophes (phone replacement and issues, spacebar dying, little things).

I realized it isn't so much that my life became less of a muddle, it is more that I've learned not to let the various roadblocks and scary moments stop me from moving on. I've learned, somewhere along the way, to dance in the rain.

I'm not sure when or how, but if I have one wish for anyone reading this? It is that whatever things are jumping in your path or flat out barricading your way...

I hope you dance in the rain and come out of the storm fresh and strong.

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