Thursday, July 10, 2014

August Party Invite

There's gonna be a party!!

 And you're invited!
We used to have block parties when I lived in suburbia. Have you ever been to a block party? I loved the idea of a small town get together... Me and a bunch of my author palssharing giveaways, chatting, otherwise hanging out with the readers before we all gear up for back to school chaos.

List of attending authors coming soon, however you can join now so you don't miss out on anything. Prizes, games, giveaways and suchall the usual goodness of an author Facebook party. This one? I'm throwing the block party to celebrate the release of the second Watkin's Pond Series book, While You Were Writing.

So, come, join us. BYOB

Well, you don't have to bring your own books. I'm sure we'll be giving a bunch of those away, but you can bring a beer, if that's your thing. Sit in your undies or footie pjs, no need for makeup or even to brush your hair, and win things. It'll be magical. Join us? Here's the link to the facebook event where the party will be:

Authors, do you want to come play? Some of y'all will be getting an invite via email because we've partied together before. If we haven't, you're more than welcome to message me on fb or email and me or Sheri (who is helping to organize this because she is wonderful) will get the details emailed over to you ASAP.

Additional Note:

Runaway Groom 
Watkin's Pond Series, Book 1 
Available now!

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While You Were Writing
Watkin's Pond Series, Book 2 
Now available for preorder!

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