Sunday, September 29, 2013

MIssing You

Life is funny. Sometimes it feels like we're all in these boats, bobbing around in the ocean. The funny thing about the ocean is that it's HUGE. Covers something like 70% of the world, meaning we're clinging to about 30% of our planet, the rare rocky bits.

Well, we're in those metaphorical boats and no one is in OUR boat. Even our kids are in boats that are sometimes moored on the side of ours and other times they're attached to other boats (Whether at daycare, visiting folks, or when they finally set off on their own adventures) but never IN our boat. Unless, well, you're pregnant. I guess that would be the metaphorical exception.

We might fall in love--tie our boat to someone else's. We might have times in our life when we're surrounded by other boats...but at the end of the day, you wake up with yourself.

Missing You

Sometimes we don't realize how important some of the other boats we encounter are.
Like today, I'm missing my Aunt Lee. When the water got rough, when things were good, I always knew I could call her and she'd listen.

We can chart the course for our boat like everyone else. We can follow in the wake of others and it will make for an easy ride.

Or we can set off on our own. That means we're going to find storms, monsters, all sorts of bad things and there's a chance no one will be around to help us get out of whatever scrapes we get into.

Setting off on your own is rough. It means you might fail. You might get a hole in your boat, you might flip the darn thing in a hurricane. No one is going to be around, not for sure, to rescue you if you go overboard or are attacked.

But it also means you might find happiness or something wonderful you never dreamed of.

I've been in my own boat for a long time. Sometimes I get impatient because the waters are rough and I don't have a life jacket. Most of the time though...

I keep my eye on the horizon and keep plodding along.

Guess the point of this whole thing was, Miss you, Aunt Lee. I carry you with me, in my heart, and I wish I could hear your voice again, even for a moment.

Love you,

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