Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Real life joys of country living...

I love to write stories of small town life. It's funny, it's real, it's identifiable.

This is a story of real life country living. So, I have this ginormic fish tank. I don't keep anything really exotic in it. Huge goldfish, a couple googley eyed black gold fish and one black clawed aquatic froggy.

But their tank gets rank and my old method of cleaning it out was to take pitchers and big cups and just take it out bit by bit by bit...

For about 80 gallons. It took me a minute. And when I was done, I reversed the process. Luckily, I could fill it halfway with the hose--the other half had to be warm water, so I got that from the sink using the haul method.

My friend was over at the beginning of summer and pointed out I should suck on the end of a bit of unattached hose and create a vacuum and siphon it out. Brilliant! Suddenly, cleaning the tank wasn't such a huge and epic task. The hose hung out on the milkhouse and all was good.

Until today.

Today I went out to the milk house, grabbed the hose and shoved one end in the tank. I yanked the other end outside, shoved it in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth.

Something, feeling a bit stringy, got in my mouth and my first thought was, "Spider web?"

Then it moved.

When I spit out hundreds of tiny black ants, I resisted screaming, to give me credit.

So, well, yes. That.

Just sharing.

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