Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Measuring Maturity in Stickers...A photographic guide to me Growing Up

So, my first laptop was pretty cheap. Since I replaced a seriously kickassitude desktop (really, this thing had ninja cutouts in the tower and leds), I was very meh about my new Acer. On one hand, it was my first laptop (we're talking 2008 timeframe...) and on the other...

It wasn't shiny.

So I stuck a sticker on it.

I wrote a few books on that trusty beasty. It's still alive, still running...even though my son once dumped a half gallon of water into the keyboard. It's like the beater car of laptops. My tank. My old friend. Also, I like skulls.

Time passed and I figured I was taking my career seriously. I needed a serious machine to keep up with my badassery. I bought a stunning Vaio, blue, fast, all the bells and whistles.

She's currently--moment of silence--in the broken fan graveyard waiting for rescue. Her loveliness has yet to be matched and she never got stickerified since, well, I was mature. (*snort) Also, I like blue.

Due to the fan fiasco, I needed quick and dirty replacement machine. I still had a bit of a devotion to Vaio (Blue. Seriously fast. Blue.), so I got another Vaio.

This one was never fast. It was never shiny. Also, I discovered Get Glue.

Um, so, yes. All that. ------->

*clears throat*

When I bought the new laptop--the shiny 3yr warranty laptop with a touch screen and bells and whistles and Office 365 (Which I've now finally figured out how to wrangle for edits)...

My adopted dad/computer guru spent a whole day helping me install All the Things and transfer All the Things and verify backups and all that good stuff you're supposed to do with a new computer.

He looked at my brown Vaio. He looked at my sparkling new TouchSmart SleekBook...

And he tilted his head at me.

You're not going to cover it with a bunch of stickers, are you?

Since I'd already been pondering how long until I could get another GetGlue shipment, I paused. "Um, why?"


Well, Dad, I didn't cover it in a bunch of stickers.

I got one big one.

I hereby introduce to the world my new laptop. Lookie!!  A GIANT STICKER!!!!

I feel I've really come a long way in maturity with this one.

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