Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On fitness...

Drink two cups and call me in the morning...

Okay, my idea of a workout is taking the time to make an espresso.

Since a recent study said a diet of coffee could be good for you, I now admit I workout daily and with enthusiasm. Caffeine curls, baby. I'm all over it.

Most writers I follow do a bit more. There are jogging authors, walking authors, yoga authors...y'all like the sweat.

I think it's because our job is such a sedentary one, many authors seem very aware of balancing the physical with the mental work.

So, I decided to become a joiner. I was logging my calories on MyFitnessPal until it logged me out and now it won't let me back in. Every so often, I try to remember the login stuff...but I'm thinking MyFitnessPal broke up with me.

I started walking daily, figuring a mile was a good starting point. In a quote from my darling daughter, "Mom, why are we outside?" Me, "It's spring! We should be outside, enjoying the weather, listening to the birds."

A truck blew past us, spitting gravel and dust on the lonely dirt road near my house.

Princess daughter, always quick on the uptake, said, "Ah, nothing like the smell of diesel in the morning."
These boots are made for driving...

Running? In spurts, but I hate it. My muscles (who don't seem to remember I was once AF and wasn't half bad at the running thing) aren't getting that dewy happy feeling everyone says should come from that. Apparently, my endorphins didn't get the memo to release. My sweat did.

Today I decided to walk the mile, running in spurts, and add a half mile on my son's bike.

I came in the house wheezing and sweating and panting like a walrus who just tried to escape from a shamu.

Hey, fitness folks...how long do I have to do this before I look like Michelle Obama? How long before the good feelings overwhelm the sweaty panting stuff?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Happy Writing!

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