Monday, March 25, 2013

As Seen On Pinterest : Condition your hair from your fridge!

Mayo and EVOO, baby
Due to the popularity of my Bantu Curl experiment (which might have been mostly popular due to my facial expression and wild hair) which you can find by clicking here, I'm going to randomly do more Pinterest experiments. They're sorta fun.

Since I've been dying, frying, ironing, bleaching and otherwise trying every thing bad you can do to your hair and have it not fall out in protest, my hair is...

A wee bit dry.

Like to the point it feels brittle and a little crunchy.

Bag it, add heat
Now, I could have just gone out and bought some hot oil or a conditioning treatment.

Why on earth would I do that when Pinterest tells me I can find everything I need in my refrigerator?

So I tried a really simple recipe. It had two ingredients.

The directions were to mix them (room temp for the mayo) and apply them to your hair.
I did...and I bagged and applied heat.

Then I waited. I was so super happy my hair would soon be as silky smooth as the girl in the pictures...

And then I rinsed (not using shampoo) as per the directions and...

My hair was so crunchy still that I couldn't run a comb through it wet. I actually added a hefty glob of biosilk to even get it THIS combed.  So, like, NO conditioning happened.

Although I did smell a bit like potato salad and was a little hungry.

Before...and after. Fail.
I'm going to call this one a Pinterest fail since...
Yes, NOT conditioned. I would have seen more action from a nice conditioning shampoo...and shampoo DRIES your hair.

My pal, Lisa Pietsch, advised trying some cholestorol from Walmart, which coincidentally I had (handy stuff for a lot of purposes) so that's now on my hair. She also recommended a banana masque which I'm totally going to try...once I buy some bananas.

April Mae Monterrosa advised a treatment out of a selection offered on The Lil Spa Room website. You can check them out here.

As to the Pinterest recipe? Unless you've a wild yen to smell like food, I give this one two big thumbs down.

Happy Writing!!

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