Monday, February 18, 2013

Today, I'm giddy

I went out with a friend on Saturday night. Drank a little, relaxed and didn't worry about what people thought about me.

We were chatting and somehow age came up and I asked him, "Do you ever feel like you're faking it? Like everyone looks at you and sees a responsible adult but you just feel like you're pretending?"

He said he got it but it made me think that maybe we're all doing this in all the facets of our life. At work? Faking it. Acting like we know our answer is the right one even if we're just pretty sure it is.

Parenting? Faking it. Sometimes there are gray areas, choices we have to make and we're left just hoping we've made the right choice, the good call, not sure if we're messing the whole thing up irrevocably but pretending to know for sure what's right.

Writing? Today I got an email that put me literally in tears. And I've been on Amazon's best seller's list for over a week now. I write, tell my stories, hope people will like them but worry...

Like I think most of us do at some point or another...
Do I have the chops? Is my stuff good enough?

And then we get those little shining moments.  The really giddy ones that fill us up like a balloon on helium and for that one glittering all makes sense. We were right. We are the good grown-ups, parents...storytellers we hoped we were.

There are more of the 'faking it' moments than the unicorn dusted ones.

So, I leave you with Seether.

Happy Writing!


  1. Oh, good! So, I'm not alone in this:D I have that every time I get to the end of a book. What if this is the last book? What if the stories dry up? What if no one wants to read my stuff? Will another publisher ever be interested or did I just get lucky?
    I adore you, Virginia, and I appreciate the fact I'm not walking along this path alone.

  2. Were they happy tears or sad/angry tears? Hoping for the former.
    We all have masks we wear depending on the situation.
    You are an awesome writing and a wonderful mom.