Monday, February 4, 2013

An interview with Dr. Steve...

My pal, Heather Geoffries, is celebrating her debut release, Nordic Prince with Carnal Passions!!

It’s a short and sexy MM erotic romance and the blurb is:

When Doctor Steven Mills is dragged onto The Nordic Prince for fun in the sun by his sister, Amanda, he is certain he will be miserable. Until he meets Erik.

Erik is fun, exciting and just what the doctor ordered. Some drinks and dancing with him are more enticing to Steven than any date he’s gone on with women. Before long, the two escape the busy dance floor for the quiet—and private—spa where Eric works on Steven’s body with very skilled hands. Steven is overcome with an onslaught of new emotions and sensations and has the best sexual experience of his life.

Now Steven must wrestle with new feelings and desires and make a decision that could change his life forever.
Grab your copy today!
Today, Heather’s main character, Doctor Steven Mills, joins us for a character interview.  Welcome, Dr. Steve!

Hello, Mz. Nelson. Thank you very much for having me today. It’s an honor. I have to admit—it’s a little intimidating speaking with a best-selling author. *crooked smile*

I always feel like I can learn a lot about a person from the contents of their fridge…what’s on your shelves? *rummages around*

*chuckles* Well…*smooths hair* there are a variety of foods at your disposal. I believe in eating healthy, therefore the fruits, veggies and lowfat milk are mine. Erik, although he generally eats healthy, enjoys junk, too. He has a bit of an addiction to those truffles on the third shelf.  Overall it looks pretty healthy—just don’t look in the cupboards! *gives a mischievous and playful look at author*

Hmm, interesting. So, you’re not into vacations? I saw you had to be dragged on a cruise which, uh, would NEVER happen to me.  What’s your problem with downtime?

 I’ve never found them enjoyable. Most people dance, sing and try to find love, which I used to find absurd. Love doesn’t come in a magic bottle. It seemed smarter to simply work and make money. In retrospect, perhaps people have the right idea. I’m very glad, now, that I went on the Nordic Prince.

So, I see you had drinks at the bar…what did you order? Me, I’m a Smirnoff Triple Black kinda gal.  Not quite beer, not quite fruity concoction. 

I was enjoying Glenlivit, which is a smooth Scotch Malt Whiskey. It has a slight fruity flavor but also leaves a nice trail of heat not only down into your stomach but also spreads nicely through the body. I occasionally like a wine or champagne, but that night I needed something with a little more kick.

So, you met a masseuse… I could use a massage.  What are the chances of Erik rubbing me in all the right places?

*coughs* *blushes* Um—well. If you would like a massage he is an excellent masseuse. I could even get him to give you a discount. The hard part is getting him to find time when he’s not on the Nordic Prince but I’ll be sure to get you in as a thank you.

As too, um, any other services, I’m afraid that he and I are quite in love. *blushes*

Have you met my sister, Amanda? She enjoys—interactions with women who have fun hair and can stimulate her—sense of humor. *flashes teeth*

Damn. Well, I really look forward to reading your book.  Can you give us an excerpt?

Okay, I will share how I met such a wonderful man but it is a bit difficult to tell without getting a bit embarrassed. I was not at my best, I’m ashamed to say but Erik was spectacular. I think you’ll like him.

Here’s one of the better moments. *loosens tie and coughs* And thank you so much for sharing with me...

Excerpt: Steven looked on with curiosity.  “What are you…?”

With two long strides Erik was by his side, his lips closed over Steve’s, momentarily silencing any further words. 

Erik probed Steve’s lips with his warm tongue.  Lust kindled earlier exploded into an inferno of complete hunger, which threatened to consume his impulse to resist. 

Lightly touching Steve’s face, Erik gazed at him.  “I have wanted to do that all night.”

Steve’s will reasserted itself once more. He backed away a step.  Feeling very confused, he tried to articulate the war that raged within his heart.  “I can’t.  You’re …It isn’t…” 

Like a sensual panther, Erik stalked toward Steve’s retreating form, backing him against a wall.  Growling with an animalistic lust, “I want you.”  Erik’s mouth descended on Steve’s neck, licking and nipping, causing a pure desire, which had him moaning once again. 

Surrendering, Steve’s hands wrapped around Erik pulling him closer of their own accord

Thanks so much for joining us today, Dr. Steve and of course Heather!

It was absolutely my pleasure.


  1. Thank you for chatting with Steven and making him squirm. :)

  2. Well, Dr. Steve, it is an absolute pleasure to meet you. I just added The Nordic Prince to my iPad so I will definitely be reading soon as I get some homework done.
    I wish you, Erik, and Heather much success :D