Monday, October 15, 2012

Rise of Zombie Boy

Through a series of unfortunate events involving an old glass door, a stubborn eleven year old, and an annoyed son had a battle with glass this past weekend.

Glass won.

The door broke, raining glass down on him and slicing his arms resulting in fifty one agonizing stitches and a vision I can't seem to UNsee. Luckily, the glass falling didn't cut any muscle tissue, nerves or anything else important but instead skinned him...making me see the fat and muscle below.  According to the ER nurse, it looked far worse than it really was because of how the glass fell.

It looked like something worse than my worst nightmare.

The amazing thing was his level of trust.  I guess I never realized how very much my children trust me to make bad things better.  Once he saw me, once he heard my voice, he didn't cry.  (This was partially due to shock since it didn't hurt until they began numbing him up but it was still horrific.)  He calmly talked to me and the doctors, assuming that because I was there, I'd fix it.

I did.  I doubted my ability to fix this one but I did fix it.

Now he's wandering the house like a restless ghost, unable to play because of the bandages but back to his normal cheerful self.  And I keep staring at him, amazed that he knew I'd be able to fix this one.

He's okay.  I keep hugging him as if to reassure myself of this. 

During the chaos, my children both acted much like me, which was amusing.  My son, with huge gashes in his arm, was very concerned with the towel he ruined with his blood.  My daughter, although she handled the whole thing well, at one point yelled at my son and didn't let him sit on a couch because he'd get blood on it.  Both of them inherited my ability to appologize for things they had no control over...

All in all, the whole experience taught me my kids have a bit more of me than I realized and both of them trust me, even when I'm not sure I deserve that awe-inspiring level of trust.

But zombie boy is doing well.  And I'm a very happy mommy to have everyone home and though stitched up, in one piece.

He likes this song...and it seemed apt.  Some nights are fun and some nights...yeah.


  1. I'm soooo sorry you had to go through this. He'll be fine. Kids have a way to bounce back from the worst.

  2. OH MY. 51 stitches is pretty intense!!

  3. It was very intense, yeah. I can handle not having that kind of intensity EVER again. Gah.
    And, thanks, Brit. He still seems remarkably calm, considering.

  4. Good song choice. I like that song too.
    It is amazing how children "know" everything will be ok because mom is there.

    Mother is the name for God on the lips and hearts of all children.~ The Crow

  5. Sounds like you did everything perfectly. You kept yourself together, got your son to the Hospital and comforted him, so that he felt no worry or fear because you were with him.

    Kids are kids and never think ahead to the possible consequences--therefore kids will always give their mom's heart attacks.

    Snuggle both your children. It sounds like all three of you need a little extra TLC after that night. :)

  6. I've always thought your kiddos were pretty amazing and that's due to the fact that you are their mom. They may not realize it now (but someday they will), you are supermom.
    Hugs to all of you and I pray that you will never have that sort of intensity again. (However, you are the mom to two boys. Accidents will occur, I'm afraid.)
    I did laugh at the fact he was so worried about the towel and Princess wouldn't let him sit on the couch.

  7. Yeah, they're sooooo my kids. LOL
    Thanks, Gemma. *hugs*