Sunday, June 27, 2010

Odd Stuff got its 1st Review ^_^

Coffee Time Romance reviewed Odd Stuff. You can view the entire review at their site

When Janie moves into her best friend Mia’s apartment she has no idea what she is letting herself in for. Within a short span of time she meets Mia’s very tall, and very gay assistant, is attacked by a vampire who looks like death warmed over, and finds out that Mia is on the run from the police for said vampire’s supposed murder. Needless to say Janie, who just wants a normal life, is experiencing anything but as soon as she hits town. Fortunately for her Vance, once he gets some blood into him, is positively hot. The two find themselves very attracted to each other and maybe if they quit finding dead bodies, and people stop trying to kill them, they might be able to act on it. Oh, and then there is Janie’s big secret which she discovers if Vance finds out about it, that it may prompt him to kill her. Will Vance and Janie be able to overcome all these obstacles and find true love?

I really enjoyed reading Odd Stuff! The humor alone is worth buying this book. I laughed so hard in places that I had tears running down my face. Janie’s determination to both protect her daughter and chart her own path are very admirable. I loved her pure stubbornness in the face of such crushing pressure from her mother and others in the paranormal community. I also enjoyed reading about her budding relationship with Vance. The descriptions of him are positively yummy. It was obvious to this reader from the get go that these two were made for each other. The conclusion to some of the problems were not quite what I was hoping for, but in spite of this the book is still very enjoyable. If you enjoy reading about things that go bump in the night, and love to laugh often, then this is the perfect book for you!

Reviewer at Coffee Time Romance & More

For the resolution of the "problems" she was referring to, tune into Siren's Song, book two of the series, available later this month. All in all, super excited about this terrific review ^_^

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