Monday, June 28, 2010

Odd Stuff gets another great review!!

Bitten By Books reviewed Odd Stuff and gave it 5Tombstones
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"Janie Smith, recently divorced mother, is returning to her home town, and is not altogether happy about it. Being able to stay at her best friend Mia’s is infinitely preferable to living with her mother, and Janie is grateful that Mia made the offer. So what if she has to help run Mia’s shop and participate in a few community events while Mia is out of town? Janie has a safe place for her and Vickie to stay, and some time to find a job and get settled. No problem.

Mia’s instructions about the shop had not been too clear, but knowing there is a manager of sorts, named Sven, calms Janie a bit. However, she is not prepared to see a huge man, wearing a leopard blazer and a fuzzy pink scarf, materialize outside the car window. Entering the shop, Janie is surprised to learn she is expected to make a late-night visit to the cemetery with a group of ghost hunters, and upon entering the upstairs apartment, is stunned to discover a drawer with bags of blood in the refrigerator. Odd Stuff is not only Mia’s shop, it is Mia’s life. Janie tries so hard to appear normal, but would she be able to maintain in this environment, or would her secret come out?

I can relate to Janie on several levels. Being a newly divorced, single parent…been there. Not feeling like I fit in…yep, been there, too. While I never kept a secret as huge as Janie’s, there are still some things I do not want the world to know. I love Janie’s sense of humor, and that she is not broken too badly from the divorce. She is still strong, and showing her attitude all the way, even at times when she should keep quiet. Wow…another similarity!

This fast-paced story moves smoothly from vampire to witch to ghost, has a lot of humor, and easily draws you in and makes you care about the characters. Mia’s generosity in allowing Janie and Vickie to stay in her apartment, Sven’s kindness at helping Janie with the shop and with Vickie, Vance’s protection of Janie, and Janie’s own determination to clear Mia’s name of false charges are just a few examples of the caring within this community. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and would love to read more about Janie and her friends."

So exciting and so thankful to Bitten By Books for this fantastic review!!


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