Friday, February 19, 2010

Real life

There are days that I want to rewrite my day.

Yesterday, I forgot my cell phone. I also forgot my Kindle and my mp3 player so I was not happy with the hour long drive to work. My radio does not work. Sooo very quiet drive. Too quiet. I hummed. I sipped coffee. I ranted at my self for my abject stupidity. A day without a phone is not a terrible thing. I mean, if I broke down or had a car wreck on the way to work, doubtless someone would have a cell phone and stop to help.

Not that I was thinking dark thoughts like that. I also comforted myself that I had purchased a year worth of life insurance. And car insurance. So really, my death would not go unwarranted. The kids would probably get way more money if I died in a burning car than if I stayed unmolested.

I got to work and had sort of an off day. Dumb things, little things that I never mess up. No one noticed but perfectionist me. Things like not putting an agents phone into aftercall and having another call come in on the line while I was on a supervisor call... And messing up my punches by punching into the phones rather than out to lunch... Dumb little things that I never do.

I think it was because I was pretty sure that, since I did not have the phone, a crisis had arisen and I had no idea what it was and no one could reach me. So my over-imaginative brain was cooking up all sorts of crisis and how I was pivotal in fixing them and wasn't just because that phone was an hour away on my bedside table.

Also, I just became a mod for Coffee Time and could not check my emails. And Siren's Song is still off at the publishers waiting for a decision. I would not know. None of it. Not till I got off work...

So I get to the babysitters finally to get the kids...

And MJ was telling me how their day went and at the end said finally, "Well, you know about Ash."

I blinked at her. Actually, I didn't know about Ash.

Ash was suspended from school. Yeah, after all the hullabaloo last month regarding Ash and then they suspended him.

Insubordination again. This time he was, and I quote the princiPAL here, "Clucking like a chicken so loudly that he disrupted the whole school."

Mother clucker.

He must cluck really loud to disrupt an entire SCHOOL. And that school is big. Super Clucker!
I shall buy him a cape and we shall watch as he clucks his way to herodom.


I mean, I am punishing him. I am not happy. Clucking is not what you are supposed to do at school and disruptive and disobedient but...



He is eight.


Did he hit anyone? Did he bring a gun to school? Spit on someone? Cut someone's hair?

No. He clucked. But he was clucking really loud.



So, I got to call off work and mess with my schedule adherance and lose money which I need as a single mother all because he CLUCKED... lets not forget, "Very loudly."

The kid has an IEP. If the school cannot handle the situation, get an aide. You have the ability to do so. If you cannot handle one eight year old boy...

What on earth did you people go to school for? Can I see your transcripts? Supposedly you are a building full of educators, trained and degrees awarded, and one eight year old boy is kicking your butts?

What are you going to do if he does something really wrong?

Well, we have already tossed the suspension card. And Ash figured out if he is just annoying he can hang out at home, his ultimate objective anyway. Thank you so much, oh wise educators, for showing him that being annoying can get him home with me, which, by the way, is where he would rather be anyway.

This will not improve his behavior. You have taught him how to get what he wants.

This situation is going to escalate and there is nothing I, just a mom who knows her kid wants to stay home from school anyway, can do.

I could scream.

But that would not be efficient.

Instead I shall go raise some hell.

Off to single-handedly take on a school district.


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