Thursday, July 23, 2009

City Mouse; Country Mouse

Things you learn living in a small town and moving away in Ohio by Virginia Nelson1. There really are places in the world with potholes big enough to eat your car.2. Some of these places are in downtown Warren on district lines that neither city nor township lay claim to.3. There really are places where everybody knows your name in the country.4. Being in these places is not always to be desired.5. There really are parking lots big enough to lose your car in.6. Some of them happen to be... um, where I work.7. There really are stores that still do not carry ATMs and do not accept any plastic. ANY. You have to leave the store, go else where, get cash, go back and get your purchase. And they are the only flipping store with in a half a flipping hour drive that carry anything simialar to what you want. And they probably close at like nine pm. Because God knows, no one buys anything after nine pm.8. Most of these stores are in Ashtabula County.9. If you are in the Youngstown Warren Area, there are cows within a twenty minute drive of where you live and work. And wide open spaces. And homes that are not in a flood plain.10. If you live in Ashtabula county you are within about a fourty minute drive of a major metro area in many directions. One of them is south. There are Starbucks. Contrary to popular belief the world does not end at the county line. And there are jobs there. And less snow. Like a lot less snow. You have no idea how much less snow.There are a few people this blog is aimed at. If you live in one of these areas and are offended by this blog but do not know why I wrote it, you are not one of them. If you are laughing, you got it.

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