Thursday, October 1, 2015

#NewRelease Wicked Odd - by Virginia Nelson #wolves #romance

When you all read this, I'll likely be in a plane on my way to Texas. If you can help a gal spread the word, it is much appreciated as I'm super proud of this story. I gotta be honest--when I started writing Wicked Odd, I didn't like Carmen. I don't think I begin writing many stories with a dislike of the heroine, but because of that initial dislike... my love for her is deeper than a lot of my characters. Seth and Carmen surprised me and I hope they surprise you, too.

By the way, you can totally read this story standalone, although it IS part of the Odd Series. 

Virginia Nelson

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Best way to tame a bad wolf? Be a little wicked yourself…

Carmen finds it hard to trust—then again, her father went mad and had to be put down by her current Alpha. Carmen might hold a position of power within the pack, but part of her always wonders if they could turn on her as quickly as they did him. When she finds a man who she’s pretty sure the current Alpha failed on a lot of levels, she decides to take matters into her own hands and prove Dara isn’t as perfect of an Alpha as everyone thinks.

Seth lost his mate, but he survived. He can’t stand to watch other wolves happily carrying on with their lives and mates after he’d failed to protect his own. Dara allows him his privacy and ensures that he survives, even if there are days when he wishes otherwise. When one headstrong and opinionated she-wolf decides she’s going to end the unique hell of his isolation, Seth has to make a choice…

Kick her butt to the curb or answer the call to claim her. But can he dare claim another mate when he knows he failed once to be the man his mate needed?

There will be a release party to schedule the launch of the Wicked series from ARe which you can join here. Expect prizes and games and... (I'll be in the party once I reach Dallas, lol) more!

The Odd Series Reading Order (for those who prefer to read in order)

Book 1 - Odd Stuff  

Book 2 - Odd Melody
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Book 3 - Odd Wolf
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Book 4- Odd Mate (Part of the Romancing the Wolf Anthology)
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Book 5 - Wicked Odd
ARe iBooks

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