Monday, April 6, 2015

Redefining Internet Slang

The other day, I asked on facebook what FTW meant because my son's definition (For The Win) was very different from what I understood the abbreviation to mean (#&$% the World).

Due to that, I've realized that simple letters might mean very different things to different people and that we can totally change things up if we want.

So, let's do that. Here are some "popular" (according to the internet) web abbreviations and other suggested uses.

Currently seems to mean - #&$% My Life

Other Options: 

For My Landlord (in regard to rent). Example: I just got my paycheck FML 
Modifications: FMM - For My Mortgage

Find My Lunch Example: I'm feeling hangry. FML
Modifications: MMAS - Make Me A Sammich

Feed My Llama Example: My llama is looking sorta hangry. FML
Modifications: TLIC - That llama is cra-a-a-azy!

Currently seems to mean - Shaking My Head

Other Options:

Scrutinize My Health Example: I went to the doctor. SMH
Modifications: FMH - Fixing my Health. Example: Doctor SMH FMH, yo.

Schmooze My Hamster Example: So, this is my room. SMH
Modifications: PMD - Pet My Dog

Spurn My Hammock
Example: So, there I was, laying in the sun and then I rolled over and fell out. SMH
Modifications: SYH - Spurn Your Hammock

Currently seems to mean - To Be Honest

Other Options:

To Bring Hamburgers Example: Jim invited me to the picnic and said TBH.
Modifications: TBB - To Bring Beer

Take Ben's Hand Example: You're too little to cross the road by yourself; TBH.
Modifications: TMP - Take Mary's Purse

Time Being Held Example: Jim says, "Time OUT!" Mary answers, "TBH!"
Modifications: TMTYT - Take Me To Your TARDIS

Currently seems to mean - Follow Me On Twitter

Other Options:

Find My Own Tomatoes Example: Jim planted a garden, but he still told me FMOT
Modifications: FYOB - Find Your Own Beer

Frank Makes Orange Tang Example: It is like it is 1986 at his house, FMOT.
Modifications: MMOT - Mary Makes Orange Tang

Freak Me Out Twice Example: So there was a second jump scare, FMOT
Modifications: SMTD - Scare Me To Death

Currently seems to mean - Laugh Out Loud

Other Options:

Lagging On Line Example: I was playing Minecraft on this server, but LOL
Modifications: LATT- Lagging All The Time

Leaning On Lamps Example: Jim is so tired, he's LOL
Modifications: LOK - Leaning on Kittens

Lurking On Line
Example: There were eight people on the chat, but only three talking. The others were LOL
Modifications: LIB - Lurking in Bushes

*whispers* You're welcome.

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