Monday, December 8, 2014

Cuz I'm All About The #Books

If you're hoping to get a blog of virg-ramble or an all out virg-rant, this blog isn't for you. For today? I'm gathering all things books and dropping them here for ease of access to those who want to know.

*clears throat* Here are things I can speak of and links to them. (This list eliminates things that are no longer around/available on Amazon or things I can't even say are a secret...because they're that secret.)

The links I included are Amazon, however most of these are available in TONS of other places.

(For example Kobo, ARe, B&N, Overdriveclick on the names for my author page on each of those distributorsand the publishers websites.)

Coming in 2015
January - Super Secret Things
February - Other Things
March - Back In Time (Preorder now iBooks | Kobo

Release Date *TBA for 2015
Penthouse Prince | Must Love Cakes | Necro | Odd Fate | Wolf On A Leash
Give Me A Reason | Bond of Three Series | Odd Stuff Audiobook

Audiobook Releases In 2014

Print Releases in 2014

Box Set Releases in 2014

eBook Releases in 2014

The Series
The Watkin's Pond Series:
Runaway Groom | While You Were Writing | Must Love Cake (2015) | Forty Candles (*TBA)

The Odd Series:
Odd Stuff | Odd Melody | Odd Wolf (2015) | Odd Fate (2015)

The Magical Trilogy:
Magical Curves | Magical Mayhem (2015) | Magical Healing (*TBA)

The Bond of Three Series:
Taming Tabitha | Calling Caralisa (*TBA) | Riding Ripley (*TBA) | Fighting for Fiona (*TBA)

*TBA - To Be Announced

**Works in Progress not listed, but more coming soon...promise

***Although there is a series order, most of my series books can be read as stand alones. For instance, the Watkin's Pond series is a bunch of small town romance set in the same town. Although characters from other books crossover, each is intended to be enriched by the rest of the series, not dependent. 

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