Monday, February 10, 2014

TWD is baaaaaack!!

Okay, if you haven't seen The Walking Dead from 9 February 2014, you might want to click the red x in the top right hand corner of your screen because spoilers ahoy!

That said...

1. Where is Daryl?
3. Heartbreaking for Michonne.

Some memes I created during the episode...

All of that said...

Has anyone noticed that there are a whole lot of zombies in suspenders? In real, day to day life...I rarely see ANYONE wearing suspenders. And I live in a small town full of farmers. Wth with the suspenders, TWD costume department? Do they hold gore better?

This tells me this:
Real life suspender usage = rare
Zombie apocalypse suspender usage = common

Which can be simplified by saying...

Wearing suspenders will turn you into a zombie. Sorry. If you wear suspenders, you were warned.

What were your favorite moments? What made you tear up?

And are you as excited for next week's episode as I am?

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