Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ten things you didn't know about me...and a contest

1. I wrote my first book when I was nine. It was called Dare to be a Daniel and it was HORRIBLE.

2. In high school, my best friend Trishie and I used to swap a notebook back and forth in the halls. In it we wrote stories and I first learned to write to please myself and to work around unexpected things happening (When you have something in store for the characters and the other person veers hard away from that learn to stretch fast.) I don't remember all of the stories, but one was about a house of Immortal teenagers and they weren't half bad stories.

3. I was that kid. You know, the one who yells at people for swearing. Super wholesome.

4. I have two poisonous frogs. They like crickets and long walks in the dark.

5. I have a fondness for mangoes and for cauliflower. Since I usually only talk about chocolate and coffee...this might surprise some.

6. I have a poor sense of personal safety. When my bio says I like to drive too fast? I do. The picture of the tornado? I took it. I'm of the opinion you only go around once and therefore...Poor sense of personal safety.

7. I have an entourage. Once I get really famous they'll actually be at conferences and such with me. For now, you can only see them on facebook.

8. I really, really, really wanna go to Ireland. One of my goals is to find a reason to do so or afford to just do it.

9. If someone invited me on an all expense paid trip to Ireland tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to go. I don't have my passport.

10. This kind of ties into #9--I procrastinate.

Just a little about me blog. Tell me something about yourself in the comments section below and I'll pick one commenter between now and Saturday 7/20/2013 to give a PDF of winner's choice of one of my books.

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  1. Lessee -- I also used to write stories with my best friend in HS (unlike yours, mine were dreadful), and was very envious of one girl who was writing this amazing serial SF story where one of the English teachers was actually an evil alien queen trying to take over the world.