Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cover Art Reveal ~ Rumpling Riley!

Megan Slayer and I decided to start a series of sexy little stories set in our home state, Ohio. The idea that grew from that original chat was Zero, Ohio...where the temps might be freezing, but the romance was sizzling hot.

Our first stories in this world are getting close to being ready to share with the world and the wonderful folks over at Decadent Publishing gave this series a home. So, without further ado, here is the cover for my coming soon mm erotic romance.

Rumpling Riley--A Zero Ohio Story
Riley Gold liked things neat.  From his close cropped hair to his carefully matched living room set, he appreciated organization.  Sure, he wanted to find love but he stuck to the kitchen, loving his life as a chef, where he can carefully measure, time, and control the situation.

Basil Culver grew up alone.  An orphan, he got bounced from home to home and learned at a very young age to keep people at a distance.  Attachment meant eventual agony—when the person unfailingly abandoned him.  Better to live every moment, allow for the chaos of the universe, and keep rolling. 

When these opposites clash, sparks fly. Can Basil manage to rumple Riley's carefully tucked sheets?

Look for these books coming soon from Decadent Publishing!

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