Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday to MEEE!!

So, because I'm so happy to be thirty-five...*choke* *sputter*...

Well, I am, darn it.  It helps that there have been doctors that specifically said I would NOT see my next birthday and I proved them wrong (Ha!  Take that, suckers!) and that I don't...


Here is a photoblog of some of me, growing up.
To the right, you'll see me and my fave aunt, Aunt Lee.
We were the Bobsie Twins with the hair, here.

Don't ask me where the golden curls went.

*hides purple dye bottle*

This one is me and my mom. My dad was a professional bowler and I guess we traveled around a bit for that.  So, this is one of those trips.  I'm slobbering all over a sucker on what looks like a boat.  Apparently, in the early eighties and late 70's...

They hadn't yet invented life jackets for kids.


I'm rocking the SHIT out of that poncho, though.

Kermit. ZOMG!!

Yes, I starred in ET. Shh...we try to keep that quiet.
(gloating...yes, I know.  Shuddupayouface.)

But, because I am so happy, I'm throwing a little contest over on my facebook. That stunning baby you see is moi

Smart enough to know when given a rose, I should pose with it and not eat it, even as a baby, you might recognize the eyebrow cock.  *hums You Musta Been a Beautiful Baby...*

If you post your baby picture...or your kids...or your dog (I'm an equal opportunity baby lover) on my facebook wall, you're entered to win a $5 Amazon giftcard on the 12th of September.

A quiet child, they always wondered what I was thinking...
My thinking was, well, I get to look at cute babies for my birthday and say, "Awww..."
You get a chance to win.  Win-win.

Love it when life gives us situations like that.

No cheating.  No Gerber babies off the net.  The only rule is it has to be a real baby (but, again, it can be a furbaby, so no one is cut out here.)

Best of luck!

In the meantime, here are more scrumdileumptious pics of me as a tot.

Happy Birthday to me!
I really loved Etch-A-Sketch. More than you.  Really.
Me & My dad