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Just One of the Guys- Kristan Higgins

Just One of the GuysJust One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chastity is a jock and the only daughter of the O'Neil family of firefighters. She rows and she is a giant.

I honestly thought I had nothing in common with this heroine and there was no way Higgins could possibly make me identify with her.

Ha! Higgins always makes me identify with the heroine. What was I thinking?

Chastity also can't find love. In a small, charming town, filled with men like the Tooth, what chance has she got?

Especially when she gave her heart years ago to orphaned (by default)now firefighter and adopted brother, Trevor.

Oh. Mah. Hero Material.

Trevor is everything you want in a guy. He gets her. He loves her. He calls her mom "Mom" for goodness sake. Not to mention the mind boggling sex...

But years ago, they had their shot and it didn't work out. So she tries out Dr. McDreamy...who is everything she should want, but nothing she needs.

I was bawling like a baby when we got to the HEA on this one. The speech from the hero...gah, I was a puddle. If you don't cry for this one, you have no soul.

But it's those good tears. You know the ones. The ones that leave you wanting just what Chastity found and hoping your hero is out there, thinking that kind of stuff about you even if you don't know it?

Higgins knows people and she knows her romance.

I would give this one ten stars if Goodreads had a ten star option. If you want to laugh, sob and fall in love a little, snag Just One of the Guys and get to know one awesome jock.

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