Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flip Flop Summer

This has been my flip flop summer. Usually I am more of a sandal or slip on shoe kind of girl...
This has been the summer of kinos and sunshine and playing in the water.

Usually, I wear jeans. All the time jeans. For two reasons... One, I hate the look of my legs. If I hate it, you will hate it so lets not look at them, shall we? Two, usually I am working too much to wear shorts. Shorts and flip flops have been no-nos at every job I have ever held.

But my life took a dramatic flip this summer. I went back to school. I have been doing really well at it so far, too. Looking at school as if it were a job and keeping it serious has changed education for me. I am allowed to take time to read. I am allowed to canoe lazily down the river when I have my homework done. I have essentially allowed myself to slow down from my rushing, hurrying lifestyle and just enjoy the day.

Oddly, the money issues I was sure would crash around my ears with the rumble of a two ton house of cards falling have not struck. Things are working out. I have a budget and it is such a relaxed budget that I am doing ok.

Since I am not constantly stressed and on the road, my health issues have calmed a bit. I am eating less and with more regularity so my weight is dropping off. I can tug on my jeans and be awed by the space in them...

My kids are happier without me snarking at them all the time. They are more relaxed and more well behaved when I do ask them to do something.

Altogether, less money and stress has basically transformed our lives... Flip flopping it from the day to day rush to a mellow flow of things.

We have played and laughed and seen family... it has been...

I love my flip flop summer... and kinos. Darn comfy shoes, these non working ones.


  1. I'm so glad things are coming together for you! It's amazing how easy life is if we have the chance to just slow it down, even for a day. Good luck with all of the fun that awaits you!