Saturday, January 15, 2011

Clothing Optional Reviewed by CoffeeTime Romance!!

Clothing Optional got reviewed by Coffee Time Romance!!!!
Four Cups of like!!!
While I am off doing a happy dance, here is the review!

"The groaning and moaning inside Brie’s head is as much desire as it is frustration. She is in serious lust with her best friend…and heaven help her, his boyfriend!

There is no way Murphy wants to endanger his relationship with Brie, but he cannot deny that Andy is right. The feelings they are having for Brie are so not platonic, and if they screw this up, all of them will suffer.

Vacationing with her best friend and his boyfriend is the perfect way for Brie to get it into her head once and for all that Andy and Murphy are made exclusively for each other. She can see the desire in their eyes when they look at each other, but when those eyes turn on her, a shiver runs straight to her core. Murphy and Andy must make a choice, because Brie is just too precious to let slip through their fingers.

Like that first spoonful of rich velvety ice cream, these three are entirely too luscious to stop at one bite. There is real concern and caring among Brie and the boys, and that comes pouring through with every action. They are friends first and foremost, and that is such a delicious way to start something this wonderful. I just wanted it to keep going and going and going."

You can view the review here.

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  1. Virginia,

    Terrific review and well deserved. Clothing Optional was an awesome read.