Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Odd and Odder

I find that the more time passes, the more things I toss onto my plate. It is like this never ending buffet and I am just driven to try that one thing over there... it might be good so we will put just a little on the plate. And my plate gets heavier and heavier and I just add more onto it. Just one more tasty tidbit won't hurt.



So, aside from being a single mother of three kids working a full time job and juggling a home life and all of the normal things that a mom who has a full time job and three kids juggles (envision balls flopping and bouncing with wild abandon all over the place, few being caught by the juggler, who is left looking mildly confused)... and aside from the fact that said children all have a mix of ADD, ADHD or Aspergers which leave even the most normal and well adjusted parents looking confused and a bit frazzled (and everyone knows I am not going for medals in either of those categories)...

Well, aside from my normal *outright laughs* noble feats, I decided that my writing, which I do prolifically whether I was trying to publish it or not, was going to come out of the proverbial closet. So I became WRITER. And I began the exhaustive process of learning how one goes from dabbler to writer. Time and undisclosed rejection letters later and I have a contract and quite a few finished manuscripts laying about.

While contracted on the one book, I went ahead and wrote the second book to that series. Because, well, you know, I have so much extra time on my hands.

And an insane workaholic streak.

And a story digging its way out my eyeballs and fingertips.

That story done, I heard about something called NaNoWriMo. Funny name, that. National Novel Writing Month is where a bunch of people, myself included, all get the idea that they can write a 50,000 word novel in a month.

I signed on. It sounded like fun. And with book two done, book three was waiting to be written. November seemed like a great time to write it.

The thing I am not mentioning is that book one is still floating out there, contracted and in edits. This means that at any given point in time it is going to come back from edits and I will then be expected to edit it. As I have no personal assistant... that leaves me. But what are the chances it will come back if I agree to NaNoWriMo...

Odd Stuff's edits came back on day two of NaNoWriMo.

Hmmm. Well.

Right about this time, Justice decided to go insane.

Justice, my angel, the love of my life, my daughter, my princess... has flipped her bloody lid. She has decided in her infinite wisdom that she is no longer going to participate in school. In gym, she lets them beam her with balls in four square. In class, she puts her head on her desk. They are calling it "passive aggressive."

I am calling it brilliant. I mean, come on. At twelve, I had not figured out that although they can make you go to school, they really have no way to make you do anything while you are there.

And they call her retarded.

Yeah. She is not. She is brilliant. She is an evil genius. She is grounded for the rest of her life. She is back to participating (thank you, Stephanie Meyer and the producers of New Moon for timing the release of the movie with my daughters rebellion in mind so that I could use it as leverage) and is no longer "angry."

I am shaking my head and smiling at the school. No, I have no idea where she came up with the plan. *scratching my head wondering... do I? Have I somehow given her a rebellious spirit or a streak of antifoursquare behaviours? Not sure.*

So back to edits and the writing.

Odd Stuff took place... two books ago. I am editing it and at the same time writing the book two books later. One hour I am discussing something that happened a long time ago, then I am talking about "now."

It is sort of like running into someone you knew from college at work today. My worlds are colliding. I am running between them and trying not to influence the prior world with what I know now and at the same time trying to write the new world while not forgetting what has happened since that first book ended... remember a whole book place in between.

*Spins faster and faster like a top*


So, that is why less blogs lately.

I hardly have had had time to write my name... sorry I have been late on this!

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